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2014 Interdisciplinary Award Winners

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Misc. Awards

  Most Innovative Project
        Student: JULIAN MONTENEGRO
        School: St George Elem - Building # 3488

  Stick-To-It Award
    (3223) Evaporation Rates of Acids Vs. Bases
        Student: Caden Moore
        School: Wamego Middle School - Building # 3388

  Top Physical Science
    (4401) Biodiesel
        Student: Matt Plummer
        School: Wamego High - Building # 3398

  Top Biological Science
    (3104) Effects of Soil on Soybeans
        Student: Ashlyn Zachgo
        School: Wamego Middle School - Building # 3388

  Top Overall
    (4402) Programmable Disc Launcher
        Student: Owen Li
        School: Manhattan High School West/East Campus - Building# 5136